We are Inkaasa! We're a booming dance club in the center of Leiden. Love windmills? We do too! So when you need a breather from dancing your socks off. You can step outside for a quick look.

Tired of kids getting inside and drinking your lemonade? So are we! We've got the best bouncers in the industry. You're not getting in, unless you convice the bouncer otherwise. Points are awarded for a good story but you'll be thrown out of the queue if the they already heard it before.

Welcome to the Space Leiden CTF!

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Can't get enough? You can still play the previous 2023 CTF about Kasfabriq.

Or the CTF from 2022 about Kaasino.

Or the CTF from 2021 about BigKaas.

Two new challenges every weekday (mon - fri) in February at approx. 13:37 CET.